ISAE Health Fund Draw 2018 - Application  for Membership

(Open to ISAE Members only)
Please help us raise money for health
We have provided free eye testing for Veterans over the last 4 years.  We have contributed £1000 to the bloat research project at the AHT
and we are ready to help with health matters where we can.
Each share costs £10 for one year.  You may buy as many shares as you wish.

Health representative: Gillian Townsend Email:

There will be two draws in the year, at our Open Show and at our
Championship Show. The prize money available depends on
your generosity in buying shares but will not exceed 1/3 of the takings.

Application Form Here

"The ISAE Health Fund Draw took place at the ISAE Championship Show on Saturday 3rd October 2015.
The winners were:

£50 No. 43 Mr & Mrs G S C Axon
£10 No. 31 Mrs S Christian
£10 No.11 Mrs H R Stephenson
£10 No. 32 Mrs G J Griffin

"The ISAE Health Fund Draw took place at the ISAE Open Show on Saturday May 30th 2015.
The winners were:
£ 50 No: 29 Judi Frampton
£10 No: 17 Christine Torpy
£10 No. 40 Eileen Hickman
£10 No. 45 Mr & Mrs Catling

Contact: Gillian Townsend e-mail:

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